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The Complete Empathy Labyrinth Floor Set with EZ roll out 9ft. circular mat with skid resisting backing. 
Sets up in less than 4 minutes.

All cards are laminated for years of durablity.

All feelings and needs cards are velcro unto the mat for easy on and off.

Over (100) 2"x 8-1/2" blue Needs cards.
Over (100) 2"x 8-1/2" orange Feelings cards.
(10) 14"x 12" B&W Jackal's Lair cards with transformed Jackal cards on the back.
(1)   9"x 11-1/2" Blue Needs card.
(1)   9"x 11-1/2" Orange Feelings card.
(1)   9"x 11-1/2" Welcome to the EL card.
(1)   9"x 11-1/2" Start here card.
(1)   9"x 11-1/2" Intention card.
(1)   9"x 11-1/2" Beloved Jackal's Lair cards (inner & outer).
(1)   9"x 11-1/2" Observation card.
(1)   9"x 11-1/2" Heart Card and Request card.
(2)   9"x 11-1/2" heart cards.


black empathy labyrinth carrying duffle bag is $50 extra. please email us.

empathy labyrinth floor mat

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