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private sessions

one on one sessions via phone, zoom, or in person.


our workshops are perfect for universities, schools, corporate, places of worship, mental health facilities, correction facilities, police departments and warring nations.

handheld empathy labyrinth
people use the handheld empathy labyrinth because the process is all laid out right in front of you including the simple instructions. the handheld comes with the full version on one side and the shorter version on the other side.

outdoor empathy labyrinth

the outdoor empathy labyrinth allows the participates to literally walk through the empathy process. the outdoor empathy labyrinth has been used at Kripalu Yoga and Health Center, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies., Eco Center in Israel, The National Mall in Washington DC, Binghamton University and the Clearwater Folk Festival. Let us help you create an outdoor event of inner peace.


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